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New Tech Taking You the Distance

New Tech Taking You the Distance

During a rider's lifetime, they're sure to find themselves in a sticky situation: slick oil patches on freshly paved asphalt, underestimating the degree of a deep turn, or even attempting to ascend high hills next to high rises. Whatever the road throws at you, Harley-Davidson wants you to be ready. That's exactly how the new Reflex Defensive Rider Systems (RDRS) came to be.

Although Anti-Lock Brake Systems are well-known by now in the motorcycle world, Cornering Enhanced ABS (C-ABS) is designed specifically to help keep your bike from locking up no matter how far you lean into the twisties. And whether you're used to grabbing the hand lever or foot pedal, Electronic Linked Braking (ELB) applies pressure to both front & rear brakes for a smoother, more balanced stop.

If you're less concerned with stopping and more about get-up-and-go, this technology takes things to another level. When you're halfway through a curve, you know exactly that moment between throttle twist and speeding up where you wonder if the tires can take the heat. Worry no more with Cornering Enhanced Traction Control System (C-TCS), which gives you the confidence to go a little harder.

Even when you're just starting your journey on two wheels, RDRS is aimed to assist all riders, especially with new Vehicle Hold Control (VHC). Quit avoiding the best route all because of that dreaded hill-top red light. Even after you've released brake pressure, VHC mechanics keep your bike from rolling backwards until the throttle and clutch are engaged.

Want to know even more about how RDRS is changing the motorcycle game? Take a look at Harley-Davidson's animations to see the tech in action. Wonder which bikes come standard or with the option to upgrade? Check out Hideout Harley-Davidson's new 2020 inventory here.