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Get Fit for the Ride of Your Life

Get Fit for the Ride of Your Life

As soon as you throw your leg over the seat and grab onto the grips, your body melds to the motorcycle and the road ahead doesn't look so daunting. At least, that's exactly how you should feel as soon as you sit on your Harley-Davidson. The team of fitment specialists at Hideout H-D know their way around handlebars, footboards, and everything in between. When it comes to customization, there are a few things to look out for.

  • Barely reach the ground? We'll get you back on your feet with a Harley-Davidson lowering kit and Low-Profile Solo Seat, "distributing your weight across a wide surface area to reduce pressure points."

  • Stretched out legs & aching back? Time to bring that booty forward with a Super Reach Solo Seat, designed to move you even closer to the controls and give your feet a good grip when hitting the pavement. 

  • Worn out hands? Bring those H-D handlebars back and snag some new grips because if you can't twist the throttle, life's a lot harder to take head on.

There's much more to customizing your ride than the basic motorcycle parts & accessories. When you're ready to take the leap and make that bike stand out against the crowd, that's where the Hideout Harley-Davidson team really shines. From Willie G. derby covers to Spectra Glo lighting; Screamin' Eagle upgrades to brushed orange anodized finishes; endless options mean that no matter what, you'll be proud of that piston-powered Harley-Davidson shredding down the street. Stop in, or set up your appointment with our team today.